The “Old Model”

• The Distorted Solution

A typical offshore interaction looks something like this. You have a quick requirements discussion with the offshore vendor. There is usually a lot of silence on the end of the line. You ask if they understood and have a plan to get after the challenge. Usually the on shore sales person or intermediary answers in the affirmative. There is radio silence for a few days. Finally someone delivers something. Somehow they produced “something” that sorta looks like what you wanted, but is completely unusable. Rinse and Repeat until you’ve built a sub standard product and completely lost the advantage of using the off shore model in the first place…. Cost Savings and Efficiency.

• The Turnover Problem

You hire an offshore firm to perform some augmentation or service. Your key people spend days and weeks essentially training the offshore team on how to understand your business and solve your problem. After much time spent building up the support and understanding, you finally see some success. Then surprise, the contact you were working with is no longer at the off shore firm. They now have a job in the US at another business for a much higher salary. Well… at least you trained them right?

The “Better Model”

Our key values are there to help drive a different/ better off-shore interaction and relationship.

• We build culture and community.

Excelym is a great place to work. We care for each other like we are family and in some cases are actually family. We are an equal opportunity employer and firmly believes in diversity and inclusion.

• Our team is our strength.

Our employees will be given a path to a better future. We will pay above market salaries, provide for profit-sharing and provide US style benefits. We will give our people a reason to stay and if they are looking for another opportunity or are wanting to relocate elsewhere, we will help. This openness will allow us success in managing our services and products, giving foresight into turnover, allow for continuity for our customers. We live and breathe a vision of shared success and prosperity with our employees as well as our customers. We jointly define a career and life roadmap with each of our employees, ensuring a win-win outcome for both parties.

• We share in our customer’s vision.

Excelym is more than a technology partner. Our leadership will help share in the strategy, offer insight from years of consulting, and help drive your vision in our partnership. The only way to do great work, is to be passionate and to believe. We purposefully organized a US entity to provide a responsible, local, and accountable party to work with. It will not feel like you are working across a vast sea and you will have a partner you can trust.

• We share in our customer’s success.

Your success will be our success both monetarily and emotionally. We will be proud together. We will grow together.


There is a better model that does not feel so distant. It can encourage opportunity and strengthen ties. Our leadership is dedicated to the constant improvement and operational excellence in our offshore model.