Strategic alliances with advisory and management consulting firms to extend their capabilities

Oracle NetSuite Partner

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Outsourced Managed Services

These are the three Excelym business lines that ensure a holistic end-to-end service offering to our Customers. Partner with us to compliment your core competency with these value adds.
Accelerate your sales pipeline
Improve your project proposal process by leveraging our long experience in advisory and implementation to close your deals faster.
Register your leads online

Conveniently submit your leads through the lead registration page.

Open more project opportunities
Become a one-stop shop solutions provider by leveraging our expertise in both functional and technical services.
Give your customers better service
Our industry certified resources will help guide your project to make sure you successfully comply with your project timeline.
Take advantage of our Partner Training
We will provide you with readily accessible advanced and basic training courses.

Join Our Partner Program Today

Our Partner Program offers two partnership models that add greater value by collaborating with us.

Referral Partner

When a partner refers a lead, they work with Excelym to strategically close the deal. Excelym handles the implementation and other client deliverables.Referral Partners receive healthy commissions on services and product license contracts. There are no upront or ongoing costs to be an Excelym Referral Partner.

Solution Provider Partner 

Solution Provider Partners for the Excelym.IO / iPaaS product have strong competencies in systems implementation and integration domains. Excelym trusts these Solution Providers to both sell and implement Excelym.IO. These partners are certified from a sales and implementation perspective to ensure that their skills and knowledge of Excelym.IO are geared for success.

Solution Provider Partners enjoy a healthy commission on Excelym.IO subscriptions and other services delivered to customers.

Earn commission from any of these :

NetSuite Professional Services

NetSuite Advisory

NetSuite Implementation

NetSuite Customization

NetSuite Integration

Rapid NetSuite Project Recovery & Rescue

NetSuite Support

NetSuite BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Other BPO / Managed Services

NetSuite Licenses

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite User Licenses

NetSuite Advance Modules

Excelym.IO Software / SaaS Product

Excelym.IO Software Product License

ExcelymGO Outsourced Managed Services

Outsourced Functional Services

Outsourced Technical Services

Custom Software Development

Application Management Services

ExcelymGO Technology Licenses

Amazon Web Services





Other App Licenses

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